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Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit impacts over 400,000 participants in 135 countries each year through world-class leadership training.

At the Global Leadership Summit, we want to see leaders inspired and equipped, so they can lead transformation in their communities and around the world.

Dynamic speakers and key topics challenge you to grow and become a catalyst for change. And our mission goes beyond events with resources available year-round, and programs that inspire, equip, and connect community and business leaders, the next generation, the marginalized, and community leaders all over the world.

Since its inception, GLS has been translated into as many as 60+ languages, reaching over 120 countries and impacting more than one million people around the world, making it the longest running, greatest reaching leadership event of its kind!

Leadership With a Higher Purpose

When you see the possibilities for something bigger than yourself…when you understand your place in making a better world… when you get the tools and guidance you need to grow… when you’re encouraged and energized to take that next step in your journey… you’ll be ready to embrace the call to be a true leader. You’ll show the way forward and bring others along with you. And you’ll create moments and movements that make tangible, meaningful differences in the lives around you.

That’s leadership with a higher purpose. That’s our vision – what’s yours?


Our Mission

To inspire and equip leadership that ignites transformation.

About The Malaysia Leadership Summit

The Malaysia Leadership Summit (MLS), part of the Asian Leadership Series, is about inspiring and empowering leaders across organisations to make a difference. Leadership needs to be more than just creating a successful organisation. It needs to be about being the positive change that the world needs.   

The MLS has been running since 2013 and has seen more than 5000 leaders across more than 120 organisations grow, learn and be inspired to make a difference in their organisation and lives.  

100% of all net proceeds, will be given to community initiatives, NGOs and social causes in Malaysia. By joining the summit, you will not only grow and develop your leadership skills, but also be making a huge difference to charities and social causes in the nation.